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2003 Writing Competition

Biography: Andrew Wodoslawsky


Andrew Wodoslawsky was born in Toronto, 1986.

He graduated Tsiopa Palijiw Ukrainian School in 2003, having attended the same Ukrainian school for 13 years.  He graduated from the public school system, specifically from Richview Collegiate Institute, in 2004. 

He has been a regular and active member of Plast since 1992.  Since 2001, Andrew has been a counselor for a group of novaky (young scouts) during the year, and has been a ‘bratchyk’ at three novac’ki tabory in-province, and one by Edmonton.

Past accomplishments, among others, include being top of his graduating Ukrainian school class, receiving yearly Summa Cum Laude honors from Richview C.I.,  being named Most Valuable Player for the school cross-country team of 2003/2004 at Richview, and both the 3 rd and 4 th Awards of Distinction from Plast.

Is entering mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto in fall 2004. 

Andrew was motivated to write the historical essay The Red Harvest to offset the cost of university, but also to earn some recognition in the community.  He hopes there will be more such opportunities in the future to challenge his abilities in either language, and strive toward helpful rewards.


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