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2003 Writing Competition

Biography: Danylo Korbabicz


Danylo Korbabicz was born (1987) and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Currently he is a Grade 12 student at St. Michael's Choir School. He has always been active in the Ukrainian community and has served as a volunteer music teacher for the Canadian Bandura Foundation, teaching vocal, bandura and music theory to younger children.

Danylo sings full time with the Canadian Bandurist Capella and part time as a soloist for Vesnivka choir under the direction of Kvitka Kondracki. Presently Danylo is busy with his role as the Student Trustee of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, facilitating communication between the Board and the students it serves. In addition to these duties, Danylo is also the president of the Ontario Student Trustees' Association-l'Association des élèves conseilers and conseillères de l'Ontario (OSTA-AECO), the official stakeholder representative for Ontario's 2.2 million students. Upon graduation, Mr. Korbabicz hopes to attend either Carleton or McGill University.


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