2003 - Writing Competition


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2003 Writing Competition

Biography: Artera Luhovy


Curriculum Vitae


July 16, 1986. Montreal, QC.

Volunteer Work

  • Weekly Plast Councilor
  • Councilor for 2 week Plast camp, Baturyn
  • (Organized and coordinated sports program for 2 weeks.)
  • "Kurinij" of Montreal Plast
  • Montreal Ukrainian Summer Festival
  • Layout ass't of UCPBA Montreal Newsletter
  • Editor for an issue of Ukr. Magazine, "Hotujs"

  • Fluency in Ukrainian, English, French

Work Experience
  • Cameraman, MML Inc., documentary, Washington D.C.
  • Cameraman for MML Inc. (Dr. M. Marunchak) Winnipeg
  • Produced/Edited/Directed~ 3 School Film Projects

Relevant Skills
  • Computer literate, experienced with Microsoff Word and Excel
  • Leadership and organizational experience
  • Experience with children 5 and up.

  • Second year Dawson College, Health Science, Honour Student
  • Graduated with Honours from Royal West Academy
  • Twelve Years Saturday Ukrainian School, Met. Ilarion

  • Gold prize for RWA High School Science Fair
  • Bronze prize Montreal Regional Science Fair
  • Valedictorian of Ukrainian Saturday School  
  • First Prize for "Shestedysiatnyky" display, NY

  • Hiked Ukraine for 3 Weeks, Plast tOMF!3
  • Foreign exchange student to Berlin and Copenhagen.
  • Visited France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine and the U.S.A.


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