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2003 Writing Competition

Biography: Maria Caro Gabriella Lynn


I am Maria Caro Gabriella Lynn of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I am eighteen years old going into first year of university at the University of Alberta. I went through a Ukrainian bilingual elementary and high school program. I have led an exciting life up to this point. I have danced ballet, tap, jazz and Ukrainian, won medals at dance competitions, played three musical instruments, and won science and heritage fair competitions. I have played volleyball, basketball, track and field and rugby. I have done navigation marathons in Canada and overseas. I orienteer, rock climb, kayak, canoe and mountaineer, bike, and I have participated in shooting competitions. I have had a very successful Royal Canadian Army Cadet career topping my courses and examinations. I have traveled across Canada and I have been overseas with Cadets on two separate occasions. I have partaken on many other activities from youth group and choir to working as staff at an army cadet camp as a wilderness instructor. I hold dear to me my values, family, religion and culture. I come from a family of nine that has blessed me with a strong foundation to move forth with into a bright future.


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