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2008 Writing Competition

Biography: Marta Cybulsky - Second Prize


I was born on September 20 th, 1990, in Montréal, Québec.  I am in my final semester at CÉGEP Dawson College, finishing a degree in Health Science, and I plan to attend McGill University or University of Toronto in September 2009. 

I finished Ukrainian studies at the Metropolitain Andrej Shyptytsky Saturday School, where I was valedictorian for my class.

Plast has also played an important role in my life.  I have been a counsellor every Saturday for almost four years, where I perform activities that teach children about the Ukrainian heritage.  This past year, I was a counsellor for Orlykiada, and annual youth competition in New York State, where I helped a group of girls prepare the tasks for the competition.  During the summer, I have also been a camper and counsellor at Plast camps, where I have had the opportunity to meet Plastuny from all over the world. 

This past summer I spent two months in Ukraine, for the first time.  I was part of the summer study program at the University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, where I took language, history and culture courses.  My involvements in the Ukrainian community have been recognized by the Father Josephat Jean Foundation as well as the Shevchenko Foundation.


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