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2008 Writing Competition

Biography: Emily Bayrachny - Honourable Mention


Emily (Milya) Bayrachny is 15 years old and currently in Grade 10 at Silverthorn Collegiate Institute in Toronto. As an honours student, she is committed to her studies and also plays the flute in the senior concert band.

Milya attends Tsiopa Palijiw Ukrainian School in Toronto on Saturdays and is an active member of the Ukrainian community. She has been dancing for ten years, currently with the Barvinok Ukrainian Dance School, and is a member of PLAST.

Her favourite pastimes include reading, writing and singing. At the cottage, she enjoys kayaking, knee boarding, swimming and snowmobiling. She hopes to go on to university upon graduation to become a journalist and study languages.

The Holodomor has great meaning for her – her recently deceased paternal grandmother survived the famine as a child. Her maternal great grandmother buried six children in the Poltava region some time during the years 1932-33 because she was not able to feed them and painfully watched them die, one by one.


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