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2008 Writing Competition

Biography: Darya Gorodnicha - Honourable Mention


I was born in Kyjiv, Ukraine.

I am currently in my first year of undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa, exploring the International Studies and Modern Languages program. It was my great interest for history, international politics and languages that encouraged me to pick such a specific field of study.

Having moved to Canada at the age of 11, my Ukrainian educational background involved the Lesia Ukrainka School of the nation’s capital. Music is also an inseparable part of my identity. Playing the piano and the trumpet, as well as singing and traditional dancing are often the ingredients of my free time.

As a representative of the third wave of Ukrainian emigration, I understand the vital importance of participating in this writing competition. I am glad that the Ukrainian community unites the young population in such a creative and beneficial project. Good luck to the future participants!


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