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2008 Writing Competition

Biography: Nicholas Wesolowski - Honourable Mention

Nicholas Wesolowski is a 19 year old student currently attending McMaster University in his second year. He graduated from the International Baccalaureate at Michael Power High School with honours. He is currently pursuing an honours degree in Commerce with plans to do his MBA in two years.

Nicholas grew up in a Ukrainian family with his mother and grandparents speaking to him only in Ukrainian. He graduated from a Ukrainian Saturday school – St. Nicholas’s in Toronto after 11 years. He is now an active member of the Ukrainian community both back home in Toronto, attending church plays and functions as well as at school in Hamilton by holding the position of treasurer at the McMaster Ukrainian Student Association.

In his first year at McMaster University he took a major part in the Ukrainian famine commemoration through the McMaster Ukrainian Student Association and wrote this paper on the “Destruction of a Nation”.


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