Copyright 2004-2013

by Kateryna Pavenska
Translated by Vera Malanczyj


Candles weep, blaze and melt,
In hot tears on the wall,
Think back upon my tormented Ukraine,
Remember and weep...
Weep, you kinless children, pray,
Recollect, pause an instant,
Don't allow innocent blood to be shed,
Cry out, laments
Lament in such a way that your cries will reach up
To the altar, touch the souls,
So their power will shock the tormentor...

Cry, pray for us,
Tortured to death in prisons.
Pray for the pierced temples of children,
The skulls - of the Demian Lazes.
For the braids, maidens' braids,
On hairless, broken skulls,
Lime - in the still living tears...

Harvest, Ukraine,
These tenable swaths!
Who will own up to the crime, who's to say,
Who was indebted to those strangers
That crucified our Mother,
Who'll punish them, who'll tell the truth?


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