Project Worksheet:

Interview with an Eyewitness to a Historical Event.


Prepare a newspaper article on the basis of an interview you conducted with an eyewitness of a historical event in Ukraine (1920’s, 1930’s 1940’s. 1950’s, 1960’s, etc...). Choose one individual to interview and one event in the life of that person.



  1. Conduct an interview with an eyewitness of an historical event by recording the answers on paper, on a cassette tape or video.

  2. Find out what daily life was like at that time. (religious, military, economic (work, prices) political, social issues of day).

  3. Find out how he/she dealt with the historical event in his/her life.

  4. How did this event affect his/her life?

  5. What did you learn, that was new, about the event, from this interview?



  1. Choose only one person to interview.

  2. In groups of four, prepare 10 general questions to start your interview and hand in the prepared questions.

  3. Conduct the interview.

  4. Analyze and organize the gathered information.

  5. Think up a heading for your article.

  6. Write your fascinating article, using only the information you gathered from the interview and general facts from your textbook.

  7. Attach your rough notes to the back of your assignment.



  1. Introduction: present

    a) the person interviewed,
    b) the event,
    c) location and date of the event in an interesting manner.

  2. Body: This is the major portion of the assignment/article, in which you present concrete information you gathered. Give specific examples about the political, economic, military, social issues in the country at the time of the event.

  3. Conclusion: These are your personal observations, conclusions of what you learned preparing this project.



Evaluation Form for the Interview
Name Date
Criteria Mark Received mark Comments
Preparation: Title for article, 10 questions; title page; rough work included.

Organization: Introduction: catches interest and provides essential information Conclusion: summary and comments of author Body: sequential organization of ideas, events, paragraphs related to the main theme;

Content: sufficient information provided; facts are related to theme, tied to historical event, there is a balance between personal and historical information, outlining daily life of eyewitness.

Language: vocabulary, proper grammar, style, punctuation,

Appearance: Originality neatness, illustrations, picture, maps, creativity

Total mark

Knowledge/ Understanding

Critical Thinking/ Research



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Level _____________

Level _____________

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