Lesson plan on Lemkin:

  1. Teachers should discuss the UN Convention of Genocide with students by showing excerpts of the document.

  2. Teachers should discuss Raphael Lemkin’s contribution to the concept of genocide.

  3. Students then read the excerpts from “Soviet Genocide in Ukraine”.

In groups or individually have students consider the following questions:

  1. What reason does Lemkin give for the Soviet attack on the Ukrainian population?

  2. What is meant by “Russification”? What are its implications?

  3. How, according to Lemkin, did the Soviets plan to destroy the Ukrainian nation?

  4. List the 4 steps by which this was done. How was each carried out?

  5. According to Lemkin, why was it necessary to destroy a large number of Ukrainian farmers?

  6. How did the Soviets plan and carry out the famine in Ukraine?

  7. How does the Ukrainian genocide differ from the attack on the Jews during the Second World War?

  8. What evidence has Lemkin presented that this was indeed an attempt to destroy a culture and a nation?

  9. What are your feelings about Lemkin’s ideas on the “Soviet Genocide in Ukraine”