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The impetus for this web site was the 65th anniversary of the 1933 Famine-Genocide in Ukraine. A commemorative week was dedicated for observance of this solemn anniversary. Participants included survivors, scholars, students, parliamentarians, clergy and the Ukrainian community in the Greater Toronto Area. 

The commemorative week generated wide interest in what was an unprecedented, and continues to be the least known, genocide perpetrated in the 20th century. 

The events of that week revealed a need for a handy, introductory resource, especially for students. For this reason we consulted authorities on the subject: Dr. James Mace, Prof. Roman Serbyn, Dr. Frank Sysyn, and Senior Researcher at the Ukrainian Canadian Research & Documentation Centre - Andrew Gregorovich. Their input and cooperation are greatly appreciated. We have also interviewed the following survivors residing in Toronto: Maria Boshyk, George Bulat, Benjamin Chmilenko, Nicholas Latyshko, Pavlo Makohon, Valentyna Podasz and Agnes and George Starostenko. We thank them sincerely for sharing with us the horrors they experienced and for providing a human interest dimension to this website. 

The breakup of the Soviet Union greatly facilitated access to Soviet archives. Researchers delving into the archives are finding that the scope and toll of the victims have been greatly underestimated. They are also compiling lists of those who committed this genocide, lest their names sink into oblivion. We hope that as the research findings become readily available, they will be widely disseminated and those who committed this crime against humanity be brought to justice, or at least that their names become public record for posterity. 

In Canada genocide studies have become an integral part of curricula in both secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. The inclusion of the 1933 Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine engineered by Stalin and his henchmen is long overdue. 

Our objective in producing this web site is to create public awareness of the 1933 genocide. 

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Ukrainian Canadian Congress
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