Gerard Kennedy (Member of Provincial Parliament - Ontario)
speaks on Famine

On November 22, leading off the afternoon session of the Ontario Provincial Parliament at Queen’s Park in downtown Toronto, Gerard Kennedy, member of Parliament for the Parkdale-High Park riding, read the following commemorative proclamation. 

Mr Gerard Kennedy (Parkdale-High Park): 

It is an honour as a member of provincial Parliament to stand and help this Legislature recognize the  famine-genocide that occurred in the Ukraine in 1933, where over seven million Ukrainian men, women and children were starved to death by the then Soviet  regime. This week, November 19 to 28, it is very significant that Canadian Ukrainians will commemorate the 66th anniversary of this great, horrific tragedy. To  ignore this event would be only to invite its repetition. So great was the impact and disruption of this famine-genocide on Ukraine society that raw statistics to  provide the exact number of starved cannot be determined. However, historians have documented victims between seven million and 10 million in number. 

The Ukrainian community continues to make positive contributions to our society here in Canada. I appreciate and thank them for their support, and I'm looking  forward to working with them on their future endeavours. 

Coinciding with the commemoration date proclaimed by the decree of the president of Ukraine and the statement officially presented at the United Nations by  Ukraine's ambassador regarding crimes of genocide, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress is to be congratulated for continuing to increase public awareness of the  famine-genocide of 1933. 

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