Ivan Dubylko

    Pavlo Makohon, a Canadian citizen, has written an account of how, in 1932-33, whilst still a fourteen-year old boy, he lived through the famine in Ukraine. This book is a journal, a testimony to all he experienced and saw. 

    The author describes how he watched his three younger brothers and his little sister starve to death and how he then left his father's house to go in search for food. to save his own life. The village was approaching total annihilation and the 'houses and roads were filled with corpses when Pavlo, with a crust of bread in his pocket, returned to his father's house to find his mother on the brink of death. The young boy managed somehow to save his mother's life. 

    There were very few sons and daughters who were able to rescue their mothers. Millions of mothers and fathers watched their children become swollen and could do nothing to help them... and then they became swollen themselves and also died. 

    Those who were alive and could still work were forced by the authorities to collect the corpses of the dead and load them onto carts. Then they were driven to a large hole and thrown in and buried like animals. 

    Thus did the communist party - the instrument of Marxist - Leninist - Stalinist theories - build a better, socialist life "for the people in Ukraine. 

    Current communist leaders continue to follow the teachings of their "prophets", using more "modern" methods such as psychiatric institutions and "strict regime" prison camps. 

    Pavlo Makohon would like these memoirs to reach all those who are still unaware of the genocidal dictatorship of communism, which now threatens all the nations in the free world. He also wishes this testimony to come to the attention of all those who study the destruction of nations in the Soviet Union.