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Famine Genocide in Soviet Ukraine 1933: Select Bibliography


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      Still unbeknownst to many, seven million Ukrainians were purposely starved to death in the breadbasket of Europe. The man-made Famine of 1933 was an act of genocide by Stalin’s soviet regime to undermine the social basis of national resistance. Soldiers confiscated all grain and food, shot those who didn’t comply, and meanwhile 1.7 million tons of grain were being dumped on western markets. With this unfathomable horror in mind, I improvised this piece, and eerily alluded to two different Ukrainian folk songs; the first ‘Mother Told Me So’ is basked in a sea of atonality, and the latter one is ironically titled ‘The Rye is Ripe…(welcome my good guests during this bountiful harvest).

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      It is estimated that approximately 14.5 million people died as the result of these efforts. Whatever the acutal number there is no dispute over the fact that the Ukrainian campaign to transform their agraian system represents one of the greatest man-made catastrophies since the dawn of history.

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    - Read Ghosts

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    - Read Excerpt.
    - Read reviews of the anthology here and here.

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