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The Parcel from Chicken Street and Other Stories

Book review excerpts

" A lovely, entertaining, deep and important book." by Josef Skvorecky, as described on bookcover

"Ludmilla Bereshko's tales remind us that the people of Ukraine 'saw too much'....” “ As her imaginative narratives unfold we come to appreciate that the Great Famine’s survivors were marked for life in many ways…" by Lubomyr Luciuk, Kingston Whig Standard, Oct. 19, 1989.

"These people may be scarred, but their stories are told with such vitality and vigor it's impossible to feel they are defeated." by Bob Weber in the Red Deer Advocate, Dec. 30, 1989.

"This jewel of a book lets us into their haunted world, a world misunderstood by the West." “ The residents of Chicken Street in Montreal cannot shake their horrifying experiences of the 1930s genocide by famine and of World War II. Even though they have lived in Canada for decades, those ghosts ( as one of the stories is titled) still haunt them. But Ponomarenko does not harangue us with political and historical diatribes. The terror, the unspeakable horror of the famine and its effects on individuals comes through in the characters’ almost off-hand remarks, in sarcastic asides.”

by Orysia Tracz, Prairie Fire, Vol. 13 # 3.


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