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Selected Links

  1. Annotated Bibliography - Shevchenko Scientific Society
  2. The Artificial Famine/Genocide in Ukraine 1932-1933

  3. Case study: The Great Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33  (exerpt)

  4. Famine in Ukraine 1932-1933 - At the Central State Archive in Ukraine (in Ukrainian)

  5. Famine in Ukraine 1932-1933 the Holodomor

  6. Gareth Jones: Newspaper Articles documenting his visits to the Soviet Union 1930-1933
    One of the first western journalists to expose the Famine-Genocide
  7. The Great Famine 1932-1933 in Ukraine
    The Ukrainian Weekly
  8. Great Famine Gallery - ArtUkraine

  9. The Great Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine: A Politically Engineered Genocide - Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association
  10. Holodomor: Genocide by Famine - Holodomor Education

  11. Holodomor: The famine-genocide of Ukraine, 1932-1933. Connecticut Holodomor Committee
  12. Holodomor - The Man Made Famine in Ukraine

  13. Library of Congress - Revelations from the Russian Archives
  14. Stalin’s Forced Famine: 1932-1933 – 7,000,000 Deaths
    The History Place

  15. The Ukraine Famine

  16. Ukraine 1933: The Terror Famine by Robert Conquest 
    The Terror Famine

  17. Ukrainian Famine Posters

  18. Ukrainian Genocide of 1932 - 1933

  19. The Ukrainian Institute of National Memory
    Holodomor: Ukrainian Genocide in the Early 1930s (8Mb pdf)

Famine-Genocide Commemorative Committee
Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Toronto Branch
November 2002

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